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Added 10-6-15

Replacing an E-58H or E-72 with E-47H or E-57H or E-60H

If you have an old pump you wanted to keep for a spare but you think it will not work, think again.

The current EZ Plus mount plows use the E-72 as the "standard" hydraulic unit (as of 2014). Prior to 2014, the E-72 was an upgrade, and the E-58H was standard from 2008 - 2013. the early E-58H had couplers, and later Meyer eliminated them. The most noticeable difference between the E-57H and E-58H is that the Coils on the E-58H have two wires with Deutsch connectors on them. This alone prevents an older E-47H, E-57H, or E-60H from being used in place of an E-58H. You would need an adapter to go from the male Deutsch to female bullet. Because the Sump Base is NOT grounded on the E-58H, the white wires with Ring terminal go to ground lug on Sump Base. We have made the Adapter.

This takes care of the Coil wiring.

E-58H to E-47H Adapter

The next problem is that the E-58H and E-72 use SAE threads with O Rings for the Angle Hose connections. The early E-58H used Couplers, and the E-72 never used them, but still has SAE ports for the Angle Hoses. So when you are swapping out the E-58H or E-72 you will remove the unit AND the Hoses and Elbows on the PA Rams. The PA Rams have SAE ports as well. Hose Adapters take care of that problem. You will need new Hoses, Elbows, Hose Adapters, and Pin Type Couplers (which are not included with the above SBS-E-58H-E-47H Adapter Kit):

We also include a Ground Jumper Wire with the SBS-E-58H-E-47H Adapter Kit to ground the Sump Base so the Coils on the E-47H, E-57H or E-60H have a ground. On the E-47 you will need to bolt the Jumper to the existing ground on the plow side harness, and use electrical tape to cover it so it can't touch the + post on the motor.

On he E-60H you will connect to the motor ground lug, and run the jumper to the Sump Base ground lug:

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