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Added 3-1-16

Meyer Plow C Valves

Used on the Meyer E-58H, E-68, E-88, and E-72 units.

Above are the three different C Valves used on the Meyer E-58H, E-68, E-88, and E-72 snow plow pumps. Just for reference we included an old C Valve used on older units (E-47/57/60). NONE of these Meyer C Valves will interchange with each other. So IF you have a newer hydraulic unit, you need to KNOW which one you have in order to get the correct C Valve if you need one.

This is the original design PA Block used on the Meyer E-58H hydraulic unit. Note the Coils are metal. The correct C Valve is the 15958.

Above is the original design part number list.

Here is the new design E-58H PA Block used on the Meyer E-58H (as of August 2012).

Above is the parts list for the new design Meyer E-58H PA Block. This one uses the 15111 C Valve (which is also used on the E-72 and V-70). The easiest way to tell the new design apart from the original design is the plastic Coils vs. metal Coils, and the new design has a knurled knob with jam nut to adjust the drop speed of the plow instead of a set screw and jam nut. You may also note that in the new design parts list there is no part number for a Coil and Valve sold together as an assembly as in the past. While the part number listed for the complete PA Block Assembly is 15967 for both the original and new designs, the 15967 is a kit that includes Elbows and Couplers. The actual part number for JUST the PA Block (with all Coils and Valves installed) was 15612 (now obsolete), and the current part number is 16016 which we offer in our online store. The 15612 was never offered for sale. The 15967 original design had a List Price of $719.97. The 2015-16 List Price for the 15967 Kit is $737.97. We sell the 16016 PA Blockwith all Coils and Valves installed for $464.00 in our online store. It does not include elbows, Couplers, or any other fittings. The Clamshell package 15918 is the C (and D) for the E-68/88 Meyer Xpress Plow E-68/88 hydraulic units ONLY. It is the B Valve for the original design E-58H PA Block. The Meyer E-58H old and new C Valve do not come in clamshell packaging.



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