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Updated 2-18-18

Why is the red Monitor light blinking on my controller?

The red light is blinking and the plow does not work

You hooked up your Meyer EZ Mount Plus, or Xpress plow, and when you got in the cab, the controller Monitor light is blinking red, and the plow does not work. Now what???

IF you turn the controller over, on the back is a list of codes based on how many blinks you are getting. The controller is telling you what to check.

The Meyer Pistol Grip Controllers (22690 - Straight Plow, 22693 - Xpress Plow, 22695 - V Plow) are always sensing amp draw for each given function, AND continuity. This is why you cannot unplug the plow and perform any diagnostic tests. The controller will "know" the plow is not plugged in. THIS brings us to the hands down #1 reason your Meyer Plow Pistol Grip Controller has a flashing red Monitor light. It is simply not plugged in all the way. How do you know if it is plugged in ALL the way? You simply look. Get on your knees if you have to, and take a look at the plug.

The tooth on the door must engage the plug. IF it is not "hooked", then it is not plugged in all the way. When the plow is new, it is often a little difficult to get it all the way in, but over time it will get easier.

Now if it IS plugged in all the way, then you can move on based on the blinking code of the red Monitor light. As I mentioned above, the controller only senses amp draw, and continuity. So it knows if there is a corroded connection that is adding resistance to a circuit. It knows if the plow is unplugged, or not plugged in all the way. It knows if one of the Coils is pulling too many amps performing a given function. It knows if the connections at the Motor Solenoid under the hood are corroded, or if it is taking too many amps to trigger the Motor Solenoid. It knows NOTHING else. It does not know if your motor is bad. It does not know if your Valves are sticking or bad. I can tell you the E-58H, E-68, E-72, and V-70 RARELY have a problem with a Coil. They have been VERY troublefree over the years. One thing that has not been very common that I started seeing this year is mouse nests under the pump covers, and chewed wires. take your cover off, and liberally spray down the unit with Fluid Film. it seems to keep the mice out. Guess they don't like the taste of it. I should also mention here that the newer 22154 Touchpad Controller also has the Monitor light, unlike the older 22154 that just had an Overload (red lightening bolt) light that stayed lit. The 22154 also will blink a code, and on the back it tells you what color wires to check, just like the Meyer Pistol Grip Controllers.

One other thing that can cause a problem even if the plug is fully plugged into the truck side socket, is a missing O Ring on the plow side plug. If the end of your plow side plug has a visible groove in it, you are missing the O Ring. The O Ring helps seal the plug in the socket in addition to holding it tighter in position.

This may not be the best place to add this, but maybe you came to this page because your controller is lit up yellow, but it will not make the plow move. This is normal, it is called "Lights Only Mode". It is so that you can drive around with the plow controls shut off, but because the controller also switches from vehicle lights to plow lights, the plow lights would shut off with the controller. So if you just press the power button for a second, the controller will light up yellow. HOLD the button until the controller lights up green, and off you go.



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