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What Do You Have?

Knowing what you have will make finding information and parts easier.

Looking at the search terms and phrases to see what visitors of our sites typed in to their search engine that brought them here, I constantly see VERY vague terms, such as "meyers e47 plow" or "meyers e47" even "meyers plow wiring". Looking at the checklist below, you will see all of the information that you SHOULD have about the plow you own. Knowing what is listed below will help YOU find the information much faster. It will help you find parts much faster. It will help you find troubleshooting information much faster. I have said it over and over again, an E-47 is not a plow, it is a hydraulic unit used with dozens of different plows over the years. It is as vague as "meyers plow wiring". Plow control wiring and light wiring have ALWAYS ben separate systems, that have NO effect on each other.  The checklist below is available for download as a .pdf file you can print out and save for future use. There is a link below it to do so.


My Meyer Snow Plow Information Checklist


EZ Custom ___  EZ Classic ___  Diamond Pull-Away ___ MDII ___  EZ Plus ___ Drive Pro  ___   Xpress  ___


TM ___   TMP ___   ST ___   STP ___  C ___   CP ___   AG ___   DP ___ LP ___  LPP ___   LPS ___   LPLD ___

Z Vector ___ SV ___   SV2 ___    SV2SS ___ HM ___   Diamond ___   DE ___


6.5 ___   6' 8" ___7 ___   7.5 ___   8 ___   8.5 ___   9 ___   9.5 ___ 10 ___   10.5 ___  


E-47 ___ E-47H ___   E-57 ___   E-57H___   E-58H ___   E-60 ___ E-60H ___ E-68 ___   E-72 ___   E-73 ___ E-88 ___

V-66 ___ V-68 ___   V-70 ___   V-71 ___   E-70 ___   E-78 ___   E-46 ___


Toggles ___   Slik Stik ___   Touchpad ___   Pistol Grip ___   Joystick ___


Signal-Stat ___   Truck-Lite ___ Dietz ___ Nite Saber ___ Nite Saber II ___ Nite Saber III ___

Wiring to Plow:

Power / Ground, A, B, C, Lights ___   Rectangular 1 Piece Plug ___ Round 1 Piece Plug ___

Common Part Numbers

15134 – Meyer M1 Fluid

07017 – ST, C, LP Trip Spring

21918 – Angle Switch

09124 – Trip Spring Eye (ALL)

21919 – Raise Lower Switch

07096 – ST 7.5 Cutting Edge

22092 – Slik Stik

09133 – 8’ Cutting Edge (C, LP)

22154 – Touchpad

15381 – C Valve (E-47, 57, 60)

22690DC – Pistol Grip Controller

15430 – C Coil (E-47, 57, 60)

15254 – E-47 Basic Seal Kit (E-46, 57, 58H, 68, 88)

15660 – A Valve 5/8” (E-47, 57, 60)

15707 – E-60 Basic Seal Kit

15659 – A Coil 5/8” (E-47, 57, 60)

15456 – E-47 Master Seal Kit

15382 – B Coil (E-47, 57, 60)

15705 – E-60 Master Seal Kit

15698 – B Valve (E-47, 57, 60)

09916 – Yellow Plow Guides

21856 – 45” Hose with 90° Swivel

15054 – E-47 Motor

15841 – E-60 Motor (E-57, E-58H, E-68)


 The above checklist can be downloaded and printed, it is a .pdf file. Click HERE to download and save it so you can print it.

First we will start with the first catagory of the above checklist. What style mounting do you have? IF you do not know, you can click HERE for pictures to help you idenitfy what style you have.

The second catagory above is Moldboard. Some quick tips on determining what you have are the trip springs. IF you have two trip springs, that are short and fat, and the plow is on a Jeep, S-10, Toyota, etc, it is a TM Series plow. The TM Series plows have two horizontal ribs from the center ribs out to the ends. If you have two trip springs, and it is on a fullsize truck, it is most likely an older ST Series, if it is on an old Jeep, it is still an ST Series, because the Jeep Wrangler YJ (1987 - 1996) used the ST Series plow. IF it has 3 trip springs, it is an ST-7.5. If it has 4 trip springs, it is a C Series. You can use a ruler to determine width of the plow. TM trip springs are about 10" long overall, and ST/C trip springs are about 15" long overall. The HM (Heavy Municipal) plows have 6 trip springs. Having these measurements and this information should easily tell you what series moldboard you have. There is a picture on THIS page showing the back of the TM, ST, C, and HM Series plows.

Size (width) is the third catagory, and a ruler is all you need to determine size.

Hydraulics is the next catagory. HERE are some pictures to help you identify your hydraulic unit. A couple of hints, Electro-Touch, or Electro-Lift are E-47 units, and Quik Lift is an E-60 unit. IF your unit is NOT power angle, and it is 20+ years old, it is an E-47. IF your unit is old and has an E-46 decal on it, but it has power angle, then it is now an E-47 regardless of what the decal says.

Controls is important, because each controller uses its own wiring harness. There are 3 different harnesses on older Meyer systems, Controller, Power and Ground, and Lights. Toggle controls is you have one toggle switch for raise and lower, and another toggle switch for left and right. They usually have yellow and black extension handles on the switches. They may be mounted in a panel that only hold the two of them (old) or they may be mountd in a panel that holds three switches, with the third one being for plow lights, and it has a blue extension handle on it. The Slik Stik is a single lever controller (toggle switch) that operates all four functions, up, down, left, right. It is NOT a joystick. The Touchpad is self explanatory, with a couple of details. The original Touchpad was small and square, with a smooth face,  it was an anaog switch (like a toggle switch is) and it used a round connector on the end. It plugs into a flat ribbon harness with no protection loom on it. I this is what you have, its days are numbered. Just keep in mind if one day you get in the truck, and turn the key on, and the plow starts angling left, and you are not pressing any buttons, UNPLUG the contller or turn the Touchpad OFF. Do not panic, SHUT IT OFF. Its days are numbered. It is 20+ yers old. I strongly suggest when you replace it you replce the harness as well, don't cheap out and buy the round to rectangular adapter. After 20 + years of analog use, the harness is likely shot too, and the replacement Touchpad is digital, and will not like any additional resistance in the wiring. IF your Touchpad is rectangular, and has raised buttons, you have the latest design, and if you turn it over and there is a list of continous light, check white wire, one light flash check red, two light flashes check black, etc. then you have the latest revision with self diagnotics. Pistol Grip controllers, there is the 22690X (original) and then the 22690DC which is an EZ 1 controller, the 22693X which is the Xpress Plow E-68 controller, and the 22695DC which is the V plow controller. The 22695DC can be used in place of a 22690X or 22690DC, the wing function buttons will not work, but it will operate the plow perfectly otherwise. The Pistol Grip controllers automatically switch from vehicle lights to plow lights if the vehicle headlighs are on, there is no separate switch to turn on the plow lights. Finally, the 22790X Joystick controller. The Joystick is a VERY rare controller that was short lived (Meyer made it obslete in Dec 2017) in part because when it first came out, it was VERY expensive. I can tell you it is a great controller becuase it is what i have in my personal truck. In 2011 it had a List Price of $422.29. Just to compare, a 22690X had a List Price of $291.68. In 2014 Meyer dropped the price to $239.99 for all Pistol Grip controllers except the 22693X (Xpress plow only). They also removed the controller from new plow crates, and started "choose your controller". More info on controllers can be found here..

Lights can get tricky. All original Meyer plow lights starting with Truck-Lite say what brand they are, right on top ofthe light housing. Meyer by truck-Lite for instance. Over the years Meyer used Signal-Stat, Dietz, Truck-Lite, and then Nite Saber, in that order. You may have none of these on your plow, maybe you have Petersen, maybe you have Grote. You still want to identify what brand you have, because the wiring is NOT the same between them. Once you know the brand, you can go from there for more information. Nite Saber wiring is all the same between the original Nite Saber, 2, and 3. Plow light wiring is universal. Signal-Stat, Dietz, and Truck-Lite got spliced into the existing vehicle headlight wiring, and used an "A/B" selector switch. Nite Sabers use changeover relay modules, that when 12 volts is sent, they change over to plow lights. We refer to them as simply Modules. The only part of Nite Saber wiring that is not universal is the Headlight Adapter that plugs into the A Port of the Module. The Headlight Adapters are headlight BULB specific, not vehicle specific. More info on choosing Headlight Adapters HERE.

Wiring to the plow, there are a few variations. The EZ Custom, everything was hardwired into the truck wiring, there was no disconnects, because all of the plow system stayed on the truck all the time. When the EZ Classic came out, there had to be a way to remove the Lift Frame, without having to disconnect all the wires and leave them dangling. That is when we started seeing plugs for power and ground (lights and Coil wires already had disconnects on them from day one). When the MDII came out, Meyer wanted a way to make it easier, to disconnect ALL of the wiring with one plug. The first one piece plug used a short harness on the truck side, about 24" long, with individual connections behind the grille for the Nite Saber lights, A, B, and C Coils, power, and ground. This mean it would work with any control system, since the A, B, and C wires plugged in behind the grille. This rectangular plug evolved into a 1 piece harness that ONLY had a plug for the Touchpad that was ran from the grill into the cab for the Touchpad controller. Power and ground were in the rectangular plug as well as the lights. This was the standard, even when the E-58H came out. Because of this, early E-58H units used a 22604 rectangular plug plow side harness. The difference being it had two wires to each Coil instead of one, and they were Deutsch connectors. So those are the variations of the 1 piece rectangular plug. When the Xpress plow went from wireless to wired controls, Meyer came out with the 22691 Universal Truckside Harness. The round 1 Piece Plug was used only with the Xpress plow with E-68 (and was included in the E-88 to E-68 conversion kit). Going forward, Meyer decided to use the 22691 on ALL current plows from then on. It truly became Universal. This meant fleet friendly, you could drop a straight plow, and hook up a V plow, and just move the V plow controller to the other truck. Meyer even had an Xpress to EZ Plus adapter, and with it you could run an Xpress plow on an EZ Plus mount, so it was even more fleet friendly. The part was revised and changed to 22691S because the power and ground wires were split out behind the plug from the rest of the wiring. This makes it easier to run the harness, especially when the battery is on the passenger side firewall, like on most newer GM trucks. As of 2018 production, ALL Meyer plows will be using SOS (Standard Operating System) wiring, and it is not compatible with the 22691 harness. So any new Meyer plows will not work on other trucks you have in the fleet with the 22691 harness. Meyer says to add SOS wiring to the older trucks, and run dual wiring if you want to have fleet flexibility with the older trucks. It is no cheap date either way, meaning converting the SOS wiring to 22691 (which IS possible, don't let anyone tell you it is not) or adding SOS wiring to trucks with 22691 wiring. The Pistol Grip controllers for SOS wiring are NOT compatible with 22691 wiring, keep that in mind. That will be added to the SOS section in the future as more information on the SOS becomes available.


More help on Meyer Plow Wiring here.

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