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Added 11-17-19

Meyer Plow Mounting Carton Information

EZ Classic

EZ Classic was Meyer's first atttempt at making a plow with a removable Lift Frame, and it worked fine. As long as you took the Lift Frame out EVERY year, otherwise it would be next to impossible to ever get it out again without a torch and some cutting. Regardless, they were well built mounts that could take a lot of abuse. Now of course someone is reading this saying "no they can't, meyers plows are junk" good for you, move on or you may learn something here. Hanging plows on trucks and fixing them over the past almost 14 years in THIS shop, just when I think I have seen it all, a truck comes in and shows me I have not. When the driver is damaging the truck frame from beating on it so hard, the plow mount AND plow do not stand a chance. In my head I picture them plowing like Mel Gibson ripping down the beach house in the GM dually pickup in the Lethal Weapon movie!

Anyway.... The EZ Classic Mounting Cartons are getting scarce for two reasons; one is price, and the other is age. The EZ Classic mount that is the last meaning fits the latest model truck is the 2013 (Dodge) Ram 2500/3500 GAS engine. GM was 2010 on the 2500/3500 and Ford is 2004. So we are talking about a mount that will only fit a 10 year (or older) old truck. Meyer is not in a hurry to make complete EZ Classic Mounting Cartons. Yes, they are called Mounting Cartons, NOT "push plates" that is a Fisher Engineering plow term. So that is the age part, how about price? Well it is clear Meyer made some adjustments unlike in the past, so the pricing on new ones now varies. It used to be just about all fullsize truck Mounting Cartons were the same price, and all EZ Classic TM Mounting Cartons were the same price. Remember we are talking about two lines discontinued in 2009. Before I get to the example pricing, I want to mention that below you will be able to distinguish between the EZ Classic TM Mounting Cartons and the fullsize because the TM ones INCLUDE the Pivot Bar AND A Frame. So that makes the price MUCH higher, and you will also see a DP at the end of the part#. Such as 18084DP, which simply means the Mounting Carton INCLUDES a Drive Pro Pivot Bar and A Frame that WILL pin onto an EZ Classic TM Mounting Carton. This Pivot Bar A Frame (PAF) was used as part of a "Facelift" Meyer used to offer. The problem is that no one needs the Pivot Bar or A Frame when they buy a used plow for their vehicle. So there are some Mounting Cartons that will have a note saying "Less SAF" or less "PAF". The SAF is the Sector (and) A Frame. The SAF and PAF are the black iron that connects the actual Moldboard to the vehicle.

So lets pick some popular Mounting Cartons for example 2019 - 2020 List Prices:
17112 1999 - 04 FordF-250/350 - $1161.50
17082DP 1987 - 1996 Jeep Wrangler YJ - $2246.70
17083 1987 - 1996 Jeep Wrangler YJ (NO PAF) - $1172.75
17103, 17104 Dodge Ram 1500 / 2500 / 3500 has been discontinued.
17089 1988-99 GM (Classic Body) - $963.01
18119 Jeep Wrangler JK - $1776.94

So you can see the prices vary, BUT they are all around $1000 or more. So that is the price part. The price is also a double edge sword for Meyer Distributors and Dealers, they do not want to stock expensive mounts that are not big sellers. So they order less, then Meyer makes less based on demand. eBay has become the best place in my opinion to find mounts. Used if you prefer, or new old stock if you prefer, they have both listed there for sale. Of course some of these Meyer Mounting Cartons will be hard to find, even on eBay, but you have to look, espcially if you are trying to find a very scarce mount and you are striking out everywhere else. eBay is a way to search much broader than you local Craigslist, or Facebook Marketplace. By all means, try them as well, you need to look any place you can for the Mounting Carton you need. Remember, they are VEHICLE SPECIFIC, so there are no universal parts. A Ford Mounting Carton will not fit a Dodge, and a GM will not fit a Ford. You can make anything fit anything with a lot of time, money, a torch and a welder. So to make it easier for you in your search, there are two links for each Mounting Carton. The link in the part# column is a direct link to eBay to search for that specific Mounting Carton. The Install Instructions column is a direct link to the Install Instructions on the Meyer web site where all files are in .pdf format FREE for download. There are hardware lists and diagrams for each Mounting Carton so you can see what is included and what you are getting yourself into if you want to install it yourself. Install Instructions have names such as "1-965.pdf", etc..



Make Part Number Description Install Instructions
CHEVROLET/GMC 18056DP 1983 to 1994 BLAZER/JIMMY S SERIES 1-965.pdf
CHEVROLET/GMC 18056 1983 to 1994 BLAZER/JIMMY S SERIES 1-655 R1 18056 Mtg..pdf
CHEVROLET/GMC 18078 1994 to 2001 S10/S15/BLAZER S-SERIES 4 x4 with ZM6 OFF ROAD PACKAGE 1-684 R 18078 Mtg..pdf
CHEVROLET/GMC 17091 1981 to 1987 K10, K20, K30 SERIES NOW V SERIES 4x4 1-650 R5 17091 Mtg..pdf
CHEVROLET/GMC 17094 1988 to 2001 C2500/C3500 SERIES CLASSIC 4x2 1-646 R4 17094 Mtg..pdf
CHEVROLET/GMC 17089 1988 to 2001 K1500,K2500, K3500 SERIES CLASSIC 4x4 1-649 R11 17089 Mtg..pdf
CHEVROLET/GMC 17093 1991 to 2002 HD 3500 SERIES 4x2 (15,000LB. G.V.W.R.) 1-656 R5 17093 Mtg..pdf
CHEVROLET/GMC 1999 and later TORSION BAR ADJUSTMENT INFORMATION Torsion Bar Adjustment 1-718 R.pdf
CHEVROLET/GMC 17110 1999 to 2002 K 1500 SERIES 4x4 EZ CLASSIC 17110 Mtg. 1-712 Obsolete.pdf
CHEVROLET/GMC 17118 1999 to 2002 K1500 SERIES SILVERADO/SIERRA 4x4 EZ CLASSIC 1-737 R2 17118 Mtg..pdf
CHEVROLET/GMC 17114 1999 to 2002 C 2500 SERIES SIVLERADO/SIERRA 4x2 EZ CLASSIC 1-726 R1 17114 Mtg..pdf
CHEVROLET/GMC 17111 1999 to 2006 K1500 HD, K 2500, K3500 SERIES, YUKON, SUBURBAN 4x4 EZ CLASSIC 1-713 R3.pdf


Make Part Number Description Install Instructions
DODGE 18060 THRU 1996 DODGE DAKOTA 4X4 1-967.pdf
DODGE 18060 Thru 1996 DODGE DAKOTA THRU 1996 4x4 1-648 R3 18060 Mtg..pdf
DODGE 17090 1972 to 1993 W150, RAMCHARGER AND PLYMOUTH TRAILDUSTER (4000 lb. FRONT G.A.W.R) 1-647 R3 17090 Mtg..pdf
DODGE 17099 1972 to 1993 W250, W350 4x4 (4500 lb. FRONT G.A.W.R) 1-666 R1 17099 Mtg..pdf
DODGE 17103 1994 to 2001 W1500 PICK-UP 4x4 1-667 R6 17103 Mtg. 1999.pdf
DODGE 17116 1999 to 2001 1500 SPORT PICK-UP 4x4 1-734 R1 17116 Mtg..pdf
DODGE 17104 1994 to 2002 W2500/3500 PICKUP 4x4 1-681 R8 17104 Mtg..pdf
DODGE 17117 1999 to 2002 2500 SPORT PICK-UP 4x4 1-735 R 17117 Mtg..pdf
DODGE 17135 2003 to 2006 Dodge W2500/3500 PICKUP 4x4 1-801R1 17135 mounting.pdf


Make Part Number Description Install Instructions
FORD 18058DP FORD BRONCO II and RANGER THRU 1989 4x4 1-966.pdf
FORD 18058 FORD BRONCO II and RANGER THRU 1989 4x4 18058 Mtg. 1-654 R1.pdf
FORD 17096 1987 THRU 1991 Ford F-150 4 x 4 17096 Mtg. 1-659 R5.pdf
FORD 17092 1987 THRU 1991 Ford F-250 & F-350 4 x 4 17092 Mtg. 1-651R5.pdf
FORD 17097 1992 to 1996 FORD F 150 PICK-UP 4x4 17097 Mtg. 1-660 R5.pdf
FORD 17097 1992 to 1996 LATER FORD F 150 PICK-UP 4x4 17097 Mtg. 1-660 R5.pdf
FORD 17098 1992 to 1998 FORD F 250 PICK-UP 4x4 17098 Mtg. 1-664 R6 .pdf
FORD 17095 1992 to 1998 FORD F 350 PICK-UP 4x4 17095 Mtg. 1-658 R6.pdf
FORD 17106 1992 to 1998 FORD F 350 CAB CHASSIS 4x4 17106 Mtg. 1-686 R3.pdf
FORD 17105 1992 to 1998 FORD F 450 SUPERDUTY 4x2 17105 Mtg. 1-685 R2.pdf
FORD 17108 1997 to 1999 FORD F150, F250 L.D. PICK-UP 4x4 Non - Commercial for Personal - use ONLY 17108 Mtg. 1-697 R3.pdf
FORD 17112 1999 to 2004 FORD F250 H.D. & F350 PICK-UP SUPERDUTY 4x4 17112 Mtg. 1-715 R4.pdf
FORD 17113 1999 to 2004 FORD F250 - F350 - F450 - F550 SUPERDUTY 4x4 VEHICLES with (X) 6000 lb. Spring Code 17113 Mtg. 1-716 R4.pdf
FORD 17115 1999-2002 Ford F250/350 2WD 1-733 R3.pdf


Make Part Number Description Install Instructions
HUMMER 17109 1996 to 2007 HUMMER H1 4x4 1-703 R.pdf


Make Part Number Description Install Instructions
JEEP 18084DP 1997 to 2002 JEEP CHEROKEE 4X4 1-972.pdf
JEEP 18084 1997 to 2002 JEEP CHEROKEE 4X4 18084 Mtg. 1-692.pdf
JEEP 18080DP 1997 to 2005 JEEP WRANGLER (TJ) 4 X 4 VEHICLE 1-970R.pdf
JEEP 18080 1997 to 2005 JEEP WRANGLER (TJ) 4 X 4 VEHICLE 1-689 R1 .pdf
JEEP 18119DP 2007 and Later WRANGLER (JK) 4 X 4 VEHICLE 1-983R.pdf
JEEP 18119 2007 JEEP JK
JEEP 18119 2007 and Later WRANGLER (JK) 4 X 4 VEHICLE 18119 Mtg. 1-892.pdf


make Part Number Description Install Instructions
MITSUBISHI 18016 1998 to 2004 MITSUBISHI / FUSO FG 4x4 18016 Mtg. 1-704.PDF
MITSUBISHI 17131 1998 to 2004 MITSUBISHI / FUSO FG MDII/PLUS 4x4 1-798 R1.pdf

DP at the end of a part# stands for Drive Pro and means that Mounting Carton contains the Drive Pro Pivot Bar A Frame (PAF) in the Mounting Carton

Links to EZ Custom, EZ Plus / MDII, and Drive Pro will be here shortly.

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