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When customers call us for parts or information about their Meyer plow, the first question we usually ask is "What Mount do you have"?

So here are the various Mountings offered over the years.

Meyer Custom Classic mount and Meyer EZ Classic Mount diagrams pictures

Custom Classic - This was the "first" design. It was vehicle specific, both the Lift Frame (pictured) and the brackets and clevis under the vehicle are part of the "Mounting Carton". Some were quite elaborate over the years. (The numbers show the bolts holding the Lift Arm and Pump Assembly to the frame). The Custom Classic was not designed beyond 1991 Model year vehicles for anything other than the Jeep Wrangler (ends 1996). If you want to put one of these on a newer truck you are on your own.


  EZ Classic - This was the next design. It featured a near universal Lift Frame, and vehicle specific Clevis Frames and brackets (Mounting Cartons) to mount under the vehicle bumper. In between storms, the Lift Frame could stay on the vehicle, and just the plow blade could be removed. The Lift Frame does not come with the Mounting Carton.

For downsized vehicles (Jeep Wrangler, S-10, Ranger, Cherokee, etc) the Pivot Bar and A Frame for the plow DO come in the mounting carton. The Lift Frame does not. The EZ Classic was discontinued in 2009. READ MORE BELOW about EZ Classic mounts.

Meyer MDII MD2 plow mount diagram picture   Meyer EZ Plus plow mount diagram picture

MDII - The MD2 (Roman Numeral 2) stood for Meyer Diamond 2. It featured a universal Lift Frame, and a universal Clevis Frame (the center section of the lower mount) and used vehicle specific brackets to mount the Clevis under the vehicle bumper. It uses H Model pumps ONLY. It has two blue handle pins on each side that you can disengage from the Clevis to detach the whole assembly from the vehicle. It also has a yellow handle pin on each side that you can disengage to drop the plow blade only in between storms if you like The MDII also features a Crankstand to allow you to get the assembly to the right height and align the blue handle pins to mount on the vehicle. Meyer sells the Universal Clevis with the Lift Frame. So if you buy a used MDII Mount plow, make sure you get the mount too! You need that Clevis! When you buy the Mounting Carton for your vehicle, the Universal Clevis is NOT included! The MDII and EZ Plus share the same Mounting Cartons, but the Clevis MUST match the Lift Frame.


  EZ Plus - This is current production. It was based on the MDII design, but you can see in the diagram that the two lower pins (one blue handle and the yellow handle) were removed. Instead of a bottom pin to get aligned when mounting, there is a tapered key slot in the bottom of the Clevis that helps self align the plow to the Clevis frame as you drive into it. This is much easier than the MDII design when it comes to mounting the assembly on the vehicle. The plow blade is not meant to be removed from the vehicle alone. The whole assembly comes off in literally a minute or two. With a little practice, it goes on just as fast and easy. Meyer sells the Universal Clevis with the Lift Frame. So if you buy a used EZ Plus Mount plow, make sure you get the mount too! You need that Clevis! When you buy the Mounting Carton for your vehicle, the Universal Clevis is NOT included! Meyer eliminated couplers on the hydraulic units.
Meyer Xpress express plow mount diagram picture  
Xpress - This is the most advanced of all. You simply pull up to the plow assembly, plug in the 1 piece electrical connection, flip the switch on the pump, and the plow literally mounts itself onto the vehicle and aligns itself. You then insert the transport safety pin and you are done. It features a "Shake" button on the controller that when pressed will shake the plow for a few seconds to help get off any snow stuck on the blade. Due to its design, when you raise the plow blade and angle the plow, the blade angles and remains level. The back edge (closest to the vehicle) is not closer to the ground than the front edge! It also features and Automatic Raise, and Automatic Lower mode. Press the button, and when you put your truck in drive, the plow automatically drops. When you put your truck in reverse, the plow automatically raises. The original mountings have been discontinued, however, there is an adapter to use an Xpress plow on an EZ Plus mount.

Drive Pro - The Meyer Drive Pro 6' 8". It is a lighter version of the EZ Plus mounting system. It had a jack leg instead of a crank stand, and there is one handle to pull that disengages two pins, and drops the plow off the vehicle. The Drive Pro 7'6" plow has replaced the ST Series, and is now called the Lot Pro LD. There is also a Drive Pro 7' 6" Single Pull. The Crankstand is standard now. We have converted MANY of these to EZ Plus, with two pins, like the EZ Plus uses for a few reasons. Read more below.

Cut Off Years for Meyer EZ Classic Mounts


Last Year Available
Chevrolet and GMC - 1500 2007
Chevrolet and GMC - 2500/3500 2010
Dodge - 1500 2001
Dodge - 2500/3500 2011 (so far)
Ford - 150 2003
Ford Superduty - 250/350/450/550 2004

Now I am going to try and be VERY clear about the EZ Classic mounts. The cut off years listed above are it. Meyer did not design any EZ Classic mounts to fit vehicles beyond the years listed above, PERIOD. Can you MAKE a mount fit a later year? Add time, materials, a torch and welder, and yes, you probably can. You can make anything fit anything. Will it be "right"? No. Will it look good? Maybe. Will it be legal? NO. Yes, FMVSS regulations are why ALL plow manufacturers stopped making the old style mounts. When the BLADE is not attached, NOTHING can protrude past the vehicle bumper. PERIOD. So if YOU, or a shop you go to puts this old style plow on a newer truck, and you hit another vehicle, lets say broadside because they pulled out in front of you and you could not stop, YOU will be liable. A good lawyer will have a field day with you and or the shop. There were too many fatalities because the lift arm was a battering ram that killed passengers instantly. you have been warned.

Why convert from Meyer Drive Pro Single Pull to EZ Plus? The first time we had a problem was after we installed a plow on a Chevy Colorado. The very first time we went to mount the plow on the truck, we found out the license plate frame (which was part of the bumper) would hit the crossbar that connects the two pins, unlocking it a split second before they would be able to engage the holes in the Universal Clevis, causing the plow to get pushed forward. The only way we could get it on the truck was to pull in as close as possible, and then manhandle it on. This was not going to work for our 70+ year old customer who bought the plow because he did not want to have to deal with his old Jeep CJ, putting the plow on and off. So we converted it to EZ Plus for him. This solved the problem. Then we had a problem where the plows came mostly assembled from the factory, and there was a problem with the installation of the cotter pin in relation to the spring. It prevented the spring from fully engaging. We had a couple of customers who had the plow actually fall off in their driveways. To satisfy their fears of it happening again, we converted them to EZ Plus. That way they could visually verify that both pins were engaged fully every time they mounted their plows. It also made them more comfortable to know that instead of a single spring holding two pins in, each pin had its own spring. Then we had a customer where his Jeep Wrangler TJ was a little high because of bigger tires, and it was a nightmare trying to get the plow lined up without the Universal Clevis hitting the crossbar and disengaging the pins. So we converted his to EZ Plus AND it was the first one we removed the Jack Leg and replaced it with a Crankstand like the EZ Plus. We sent pictures to Meyer, and the following year the Crankstand became standard on the Drive Pro. Any time height may be a problem, we convert to EZ Plus. Mostly on Jeep Wranglers, both TJ and JK. We just did three lifted Jeep Wrangler TJ's last fall you can see here. We also did an EZ Plus conversion on a 2016 Jeep Wrangler 75th Anniversary Edition.


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