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Re-skinning Two Meyer ST-7.5 plows + a TM-6.5 - Page 2

At Smith Brothers Services, LLC Franklin, NJ

Rust pile MUCH larger from this one.

Ready to weld skin on. Since these are not getting painted, there is less detail pics of process.

Skin welded on and extra 6" cut off.

Ready to weld skin on second one.

Skin welded on. Ready for pickup. Both of these customers came in together, and both wanted to paint their Meyer ST-7.5 plows themselves.

TM-6.5 in for re-skin. This customer wants to paint the plow himself as well.

Lots of rot holes..

Closer look.

Skin cut off. Like the C Series Meyer Plows, there is no angle iron frame across the top, so we measure down about 3" and make a cut across leaving the top intact. This is where our fully welded front and back seam will be.

Inside of ribs painted with Rustoleum as requested by customer.

All set.


A Meyer C-8 reskin from 2014

A C-8 re-skin from 2009

You can see a Meyer ST-7.5 (aka Meyer ST-90) getting a new skin Here

You can see us building a Meyer ST-78 Here

Re-skinning FAQ

Building an ST-7.5 Moldboard (2016)



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