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Meyer Touchpad Wiring

Here is a diagram of the Meyer Touchpad Wiring.


A Coil - On pump, Black Wire - Controls Lower

B Coil - On pump, Red Wire - Controls Raise

C Coil - On pump, Green Wire - Controls Right

Motor Solenoid - Under Hood, White Wire - Turns on plow Motor

Left angle is default. If the motor runs and no valves open, the plow goes left.

On older controller harnesses the power wire was black with an inline fuse.
On newer controller harnesses the power wire is dark blue with an inline fuse.

The Orange wire is the ground for the Touchpad Controller. It must be ran to a GOOD ground or Touchpad damage will be the result. Some are long enough to go to the battery, and some are short to be mounted under one of the Motor Solenoid mounting screws. The Orange wire has a large ring terminal on it. If it is short, we recommend extending it to reach the battery. Early Touchpads had a short orange ground wire that was attached to a good ground point under the dash, which is fine too.

Older Meyer Motor Solenoids had a single small terminal, where the white wire is connected. The Mounting Bracket on the Motor Solenoid had to be mounted to a good ground for the Motor Solenoid to work properly. The current Meyer Motor Solenoid has two small terminals, the White wire goes to the ( S ) Terminal, and the ( I ) Terminal must be grounded for the Motor Solenoid to work properly.

The Touchpad debuted in 1991 with the E-60 pump. This is the original square touchpad, with a smooth face.

It is an analog switch. It is not digital. It had a round plug with 6 pins. In November 1995 Meyer changed to a rectangular 6 pin connector. If you have this plug your controller is over 20 years old. There is an adapter to use the round 6 pin vehicle harness with a new rectangular plug Touchpad. Our part number is M15766.

We are seeing a high failure rate of these switches this winter (2010 - 2011). The only fix is to replace it. It is not a question of if it will fail, but rather when it will fail. Several failures occurred when the owner entered the vehicle, and turned the ignition on. The pump began running, they had to cut the wire off of the motor to stop it from running. In their haste they did not think of turning off the switch, or unplugging the controller. Especially with these older Touchpads it is all the more reason to turn off the controller when  you exit the vehicle.

In August 2001 Meyer released a new rectangular Touchpad, with raised buttons, and changed to digital control. It uses the same rectangular 6 pin connector that the previous analog switch used. Now the Touchpad senses amp draw of each circuit, and if it reaches a set threshold, it turns on the overload light.

If it happens when you press down, or put it in float, it is the A Coil that is bad, or has a bad connection.

If it happens when you press the raise button, it is the B Coil that is bad or has a bad connection.

If it happens when you press the left button, it is the motor solenoid that has a bad connection.

If it happens when you press right, it is the C Coil that is bad or has a bad connection.

The B and C Coil both use the motor solenoid too, but the allowable threshold must be higher.

Digital Touchpad Part# 22154 (it went from 22154X to 22154 a couple of times. As of 2017 it is 22154). 22154 and 22154X are identical.

Meyer OEM Touchpad Controller

SKU: M22154X

Meyer OEM Touchpad Controller

Genuine Meyer Touchpad Controller. Has 6 pin rectangular connector. This is the newest design with self diagnostics.

Manufacturer: Genuine Meyer

September 2021 Meyer DISCONTINUED THE 22154 TOUCHPAD


Here are two views of the plugs on the ends of the harness coming from the Touchpad, and the Vehicle Harness it plugs in to.


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